By purchasing this item you will be able to submit up to 8 pieces of work for the 25 and Under Revisted 2022 Exhibition at Studio 18. 


Everyone who submits work is guaranteed at least one piece to be included in the show.


The fee of £25 goes towards materials necesary to set up the show and to put on the opening event, (including stocking the bar). This is an exciting event which we hope you will attend and invite friends and family along to see your work. It will take place on the evening of the 5th March. A lot of work and time goes into setting up the show and opening event, so whilst £25 may seem like a lot, it is a comparatively low rate to help cover our basic set-up costs and bills for lighting, heating and rent of the building.


Once you've purchased this 'item' and payed the £25, please email images of your work to, with the title, dimensions, media and price (if available for purchase at the show) of each piece.


Studio 18 will take a standard 20% commission on any work sold during the exhibition.


By completing this transaction you agree to the terms outlined below in the Studio 18 Non liability agreement.


Studio 18 Non Liability Agreement


January 2022



Security and Liability
The organisers are not responsible for reimbursement or replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged items during the exhibition dates as well as during postage or delivery.
The exhibiting artist or lender must provide their own insurance coverage.


You will be required to enter your name and today's date above before you submit any work, to indicate that you have read and agree to the following statement which is a waiver of liability:

I understand and agree that the organisers are allowing me to display items at Studio 18, Stroud, and my work/items shall be displayed between the 5th and 27th March 2022.

I understand neither the organisers at Studio 18 shall assume any responsibility or obligation for any loss or damage to any item or items so displayed.
I understand that the displayed item(s) are not and will not be covered under any insurance policy owned by Studio 18.

I understand that I am solely responsible for insurance coverage for the item(s) being displayed, and the burden is on me to do so at my own cost.