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Kazz Hollick & Isa Clee

1 Kazz Isa (2).jpg
1 Kazz Isa (1).jpg

Photographed by Ollie Hardy

Welcome to the Magical Wonderland Bowbridge Bus Depot Perikaleidoscope Bus Stop! It’s all the fun of the fair as you step into a world of blue skies, fluffy clouds, rainbows and magical mirrors. See the world from a different perspective while you wait.


The first bus shelter along the London Road trail is a collaboration by local artists Kazz Hollick and Isa Clee.


Kazz is a visual artist who started with photography at Brighton University, then on returning to Stroud and working with a variety of artists and musicians, has experimented with mixed media and community/public installations.


She mostly works for arts organisations and local community groups, and having been involved with festivals and family events, installing a fun and escapist bus shelter was an opportunity not to be missed. Plus, having a young child gives her the best excuse to carry on playing and creating nonsense (like all adults should).


Isa has always been fascinated by shiny, twinkly, reflective, vision altering materials. Her work involves creating tiny sparkly worlds inside beautiful wooden boxes to delight and intrigue the viewer. Her Microcosm boxes combine light, mirror and intricate paintings to make a space separate from our own. In an increasingly hectic and challenging modern world, her aim is to make people smile with a moment of magical whimsy.


Instagram @miniature_picturebox

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