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Studio crimbo clear out


Studio 18’s creative director Zac Walsh has been exhibiting for over 30 years, recently showing at this year's Royal Academy summer show with a notorious mention in the Guardian. Anybody familiar with Studio 18 and its many projects will know that Zac, now in his 5th year developing and building the studios, has worked incredibly hard to bring the community together whilst also supporting creatives from all disciplines and ages. However he still manages to develop his own creative practice which has seen many changes over the last three decades. This exhibition/studio clearout gives a rare chance to glimpse that development with 300 works on display, also having a twofold intention of raising finances for ongoing Studio 18 project build. This will be in the form of an open bid on the majority of pieces with no reserve. 


This is an exciting opportunity to win a piece from a career artist for as little or as much as you’d like, whilst simultaneously feeding into an extraordinary space to bring you more events and positively affect the people of Stroud. A win-win of funky lovely vibes and a great idea for a festive present for your closest and dearest, or a great way of kick-starting your new art collection. Whichever, ‘Burn it or Have it’ will prove to be a fun and fascinating event.


Early bidding will start on Thursday 15th December and continue through to the main event on Saturday 17th, where bidding will stop promptly at 8pm. Winning bidders, if they so wish, will be able to take their pieces off the wall and take home there and then. 


Early bidding:

Thursday 15th 1pm - 5pm

Friday 16th 1pm - 5pm


Main event: Saturday 17th Dec 6pm-9:30pm bidding ends at 8pm.

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Studio 18 needs you! We've started a Crowdfunder to help secure our future, to ensure we can continue to run all of the exciting creative projects we've got planned for the new year

Calling all associates, participants, lovers of Studio 18, the community at large, dog walkers and cultural seekers alike. We’ve had a real run at the Studios and continue to do so, producing some incredible moments, flying by the seat of our pants and bringing everyone along who dared to come on board.

We need spaces like this that traverse the differences that delude us, spaces that hold fast in times of worry and just simply give, connect, and bring happiness.

Studio 18 not only wants you but needs you.


Get on board, let's cultivate and see how far this ship sails.

We will be adding information about all the rewards available for different donation amounts very soon. Watch this space...


We have an extensive archive of events that have taken place at Studio 18 since it opened in 2018.


Its a work in progress but we are slowly adding them to our website so you can read about what we have been up to so far.


Click here to have a look at the few we have uploaded. Bear in mind theres many more yet to be added, but this is a start...