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無常 (mujō): A silent film by Nikoletta Monyok, made out of black and white photography, mainly self portraits. 

This film is an invitation for self discovery. The piece is a dance between the physical self, the emotional self, the conscious self and the spiritual self. How it's all one being. 

Opens Friday 25th August 18:00 £5 entry on door. 

Film showing times 

Friday 25th 19:30 

Saturday 26th 15:00, 17:00, 19:00 

Relentless: 28 years at the top

An extensive exhibition of underground flyer and dance music related art and design by Jake Pond from 1995 to the present day.

Opening night Saturday 30th September from 7pm.

Exhibition will run until 15th October, open Wednesday to Sunday.


Studio 18 needs you! We've started a Crowdfunder to help secure our future, to ensure we can continue to run all of the exciting creative projects we've got planned for the new year

Calling all associates, participants, lovers of Studio 18, the community at large, dog walkers and cultural seekers alike. We’ve had a real run at the Studios and continue to do so, producing some incredible moments, flying by the seat of our pants and bringing everyone along who dared to come on board.

We need spaces like this that traverse the differences that delude us, spaces that hold fast in times of worry and just simply give, connect, and bring happiness.

Studio 18 not only wants you but needs you.


Get on board, let's cultivate and see how far this ship sails.

We will be adding information about all the rewards available for different donation amounts very soon. Watch this space...

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