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25 and Under exhibition

3rd - 13th August 2023

25 and Under exhibition

After a long wait, what is possibly one of the most energetic shows that studio's deliver is back. Studio 18 is once again inviting Artists age 16 to 25 to submit work for an exhibition aimed at exploring the new generational wave of art makers. Studio 18 offers the opportunity for young artists to exhibit and work within a professional creative environment alongside more established career based Artists.

Artists will be encouraged not just to simply drop off work for exhibition but also to get involved in constructing, curation and invigilation of the exhibition. Offering invaluable experience in professional art practise and an opportunity to connect with like-minded creative’s at varying career levels. Several of the previous 25 and Under exhibitors went on further at the Studios to produce public installations, design and curation of group shows and even a solo show, all with great success.
Accepted works will also be included on Studio 18’s website in the form of a virtual gallery allowing art lovers to purchase and be a part of the viewing process.
So if you’ve managed to create a body of work through Degree or college, or just experimented with your creative meanderings, now’s the time to show!

There is a non-refundable online submission fee of £20. Up to 5 works for consideration to be submitted online with a size restriction of 150 x 150 cm, of which a maximum of 5 may be selected. All applicants will have at least one piece excepted Larger works will be considered. The fee is to cover admin and private view.

Online submission deadline is July 22nd 2023 . Each artist will be informed of successful entries by the 26th July. Studio 18 will take deliveries of work on the 29th July between 11am - 6pm.

Studio 18 will consider film, installation art, sculpture and performance art but ask that you get in touch at the earliest possible opportunity in order to consider logistics and requirements. Studio takes 20% on sales. The exhibition opening is on the 3rd August 2023 with a private view at 6pm and will run till the 13th August open daily 12 - 5. Once the submission fee is paid Studio 18 will contact you via email with details of how to upload your work.

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