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23 Dec 2022

Friday 23rd December

Join us for a Yuletide dance as the nights draw out this winter. The Seasoning team have put together a multimedia dance experience that draws on four forgotten decades of dance music history that surrounds the five valleys in whispered memories. 

After digging into the audio and video archives, they have produced a light, video and sonic production that explores the contours of rave history, from the mechanistic reproduction of four-to-the-floor beats and syncopations that burst out of the gridwork in the fields and factories as the image post-industrial, anxiety riddled '80s emerged. 

As many of those third-spaces that defined the social upheavals of that decade are slated for demolition and redevelopment, this intervention seeks to explore what dreams of escape, hope, community and creativity were shared in the euphoria of the reclaimed dancefloors. 

Expect the sounds of acid, techno, garage and hardcore to be narrated by voices of those built and inhabited those spaces as the breakbeats and jungle of the '90s close a decade of wild experimentation eventually contained within the manifold clubs that popped up in every small town and city up and down the country. It's time to hit reset and find out what remains of the original dream. 

Tickets from £5 (+booking fee)

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