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Bodily Series
  • Bodily Series

    Artist: Lily Flo Williams

    Acrylic knitted jumper, plaster, acrylic ink, latex



    About the Artist:

    "At the core of my practice is a fascination in ideas surrounding desire and disgust, and the fine line between those two feelings. The main themes I am developing are around the body, both human and animal, and our complex relationship to nature. Especially looking at the female body, how it is treated in society, focussing on reproduction and maternity, the abject, and our perception of bodily fluids and boundaries. I’m interested in how the human body has the potential to be so utterly desirable and yet so completely disturbing. I’ve been investigating how and at what point a being is no longer considered as a sentient being with its own agency and experience, and at what point it begins to be seen as an object, something to be consumed, a piece of meat.


    Touch and tactility are also really important in my work. I like to handle the stuff that I’m working with and I like it to be touched and handled after it’s made. Even in my films, which can’t be touched, I’m drawn to using a variety of textures and incorporating a sense of the haptic. When I’m making sculptural work, I often prefer the effect of the video of the process rather than the sculptural outcome. I think this might be because the film moves – it has a sense of life, of a living being. I’ve been searching for and experimenting with materials that are flexible once formed, that have some potential for movement and can maintain a sense of energy and life that becomes part of the work."


    Please contact us via email if you are interested in this piece

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