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Keeping a Mammoth 2

Keeping a Mammoth 2

Artist: Zoe Browne

Size: A4

Digital print


About the Artist:

"I am 19 and am an  aspiring animator. I am currently studying a foundation  Art year at Stroud college. My work has evolved quite  a bit over this year, and to summarise this I would say  it’s gone from traditional to digital. Over 2019 I managed to gain a solo exhibition slot at Gloucestershire  Guildhall set to show this month in 2020! Unfortunately, due to the-virus-that-shall-not-be-named it  was cancelled... During lockdown I was limited in what  materials I could use and it was the perfect time to  experiment with what I could create digitally. I enjoy  making work with vibrant colour pallettes and a sort  of ‘futuristic’ kind of look - particularly on creating  characters and then semi-realism portraits on this. My work always has a deeper meaning to it than just aesthetics - I tend to be inspired by feature film animations such as Disney’s Avatar (not the last air bender... the blue people) and of course what every aspiring  animator says: Disney Pixar films! However, I am very  experienced in oil paint and it is a great hobby of Mine!"

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