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Native American Spirit

Native American Spirit

Artist: Carly Roach

120 x 100 cm

Pallets, old dust sheet and old paints.


This piece was produced in my stable at night to a small light after a long day out on the land. I feel it is my soul lifting out of me and settling on the canvas. This is a completely up cycled piece which is great to look at stood back.


About the Artist

"What can I say? Like most I was born with mental health that progressively took me into addiction from a child until very recently. Although I state I have no addictions in my life that is a lie as I do. Only they are now healthy and no longer destructive to me, my family and those who love and once loved me.


Over this past period of covid I have been with child and given birth to themost amazing creation that I could ever wish to encounter in my lifetime.


Aka calling myself (the single mummy) is my new title to myself and one to so many women in this world. Although I am not without the help of my son’s father, unlike so many women.


My son is my personal Jesus as he saved my life and therefore for that honour I want to help give him the best I can and my art is just one chapter of creativity I wish to give out on my journey through this ever changing world.


Creativity is by far one of the most important parts of the worlds life cycle as what we create I truly believe goes into the worlds energy field and has either positive or negative effects on the changes around us.


My story of art started in a very dark place and then leapt into the all seeing eye of what others would choose not to believe. I became what I called positively negative in my own right and unable to influence change in myself that would make a difference in others. How I am the strongest I could ever be and for that I owe to my own creation (my son).


This journey has just started for me again and I hope to use any money raised through my art to make a positive change to other peoples’ lives using land (the second biggest healer I know). Without land surrounded by nature and the correct food we need to sustain ourselves the human race would change into darkness and misery. The science is there now to back up the old hippies who always knew what was right."

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