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Art Shelter Project

Inspired by an anonymous ‘vandal’ who made alterations to a shelter at the entrance to Hope Mill Lane last year, Brimscombe and Thrupp Parish Council commissioned Studio 18 to revamp the bus shelters on the A419 London Road into inspiring and engaging art installations.


The Hope Mill Lane bus stop transformation - which included the addition of a comfy chair, book shelf, ornaments, pictures, bunting and lighting - hit the local and national newspapers as a quirky feel-good story.


Eleven bus stops have been transformed into public works of art forming a trail along London Road, feeding creatively into the Brimscombe and Thrupp community. Studio 18, in collaboration with Parish Council, invites you to take this trail to revel in the wonderfully creative and immersive installations in what were once dreary bus stops.

1 Kazz Isa (2).jpg



Kazz Hollick & Isa Clee

Welcome to the Magical Wonderland Bowbridge Bus Depot Perikaleidoscope Bus Stop! It’s all the fun of the fair as you step into a world of blue skies, fluffy clouds, rainbows and magical mirrors. See the world from a different perspective while you wait... read more 


Nature v Motor

Megan Medley

Megan’s bus stop encapsulates the profound effect that traffic congestion and pollution has on the environment and local wildlife. The endless building of roads to accommodate the ever-increasing number of cars strips the countryside of the biodiversity that is vital to our health, wellbeing, culture and economy. Her design incorporates harsh scrap metal with delicate nature, demonstrating the balance we need to find in our lives and the impact it has on the natural world.... read more

3 Freya (1).jpg


A Dog’s Night Out

Freya Tate

Freya’s bus shelter honours Stroud’s unique and rich history, particularly focusing on its incredibly strong sense of community and passion for social issues. Her design celebrates the human figure, incorporating elements of movement and dance which are fundamental themes in her work.... read more


Hoards Of Colour: A Maximal Bus Shelter

Gavin McClafferty

Taking his cue from the "dazzle patterns" of the first world war and inverting the idea of camouflage, using a mixture of donated paints, found wood and site hoarding, Gavin has transformed this bus shelter into a beautiful and iconic feature, reminiscent of the blue tin church that once resided nearby this stop... read more

4 Gavin (2).jpg
5 Ghost Sung (3).jpg


The Little Raindrop

Ghost Sung

Ghost Sung’s bus shelter illustrates the story of the water cycle. This environmental beauty parallels the cycle of life, work, love, loss, rejuvenation. Lessons are learnt or mistakes are repeated... read more


Musical Chairs 

Alice Sheppard Fidler

Alice’s shelter draws attention to the building's original materials by colouring and outlining the bricks in bright, bold colours, and accentuates its form through the use of strong lines that mimic a simple drawing. The colour palette highlights certain aspects of the area’s heritage: red for Stroudwater Scarlet cloth, blue for the rivers and canals, and white for sheep’s wool.... read more

6 Alice (2).jpg
7 Zac Nathan (2).jpg


Invitation To Play

Zac Walsh & Nathan Morgan

Sculptor Nathan Morgan teams up with Studio 18’s Zac Walsh to create an interactive abstraction exploring line, colour, form and harmony while inviting the public to create their own anonymous abstract pieces at the bus stop... read more


Everyday People

Albie Lucas

Creating black and white portraits of mill workers (men, women and children) taken from local archives, Albie Lucas draws a parallel between the everyday people working in the mills of the Five Valleys with modern everyday people travelling by bus to get to work, school or to the shops... read more

8 Albie (2).jpg
9 Ruth Rachel.jpeg


Golden Valley Connections

Ruth Hickson & Rachel McDonnell

Colourful, bold and fun, this bus stop reflects the community and environment in which it sits. The beauty of the natural environment contrasts and complements the commercial man made structures - this is the story of our area and something to be proud of - the unending ingenuity and creativity of its residents. The dots represent connections between the community, the environment, the industrial heritage of the area and the thriving small businesses... read more


How To Finesse A Stagecoach

Loco Dooms

Taking inspiration from romantic era paintings and contemporary fashion designers, Loco Dooms has created a beautifully surreal collage of the Five Valleys. Juxtaposing romantic vista paintings with modern images, this ethereal portrayal of the surrounding area with its luminescent imagery encapsulates the natural beauty all around us... read more

10 Loco Dooms (1).jpg
11 Eleanor (3).jpg


The Dead Industry Club

Eleanor Harper

Brimscombe is no longer reliant upon its iron foundries, cloth mills & boat builders for its income. Through her sign painting, Eleanor’s shelter celebrates a forgotten heyday of businesses now defunct but so meaningful to the people of the areas past, and where we are today. Eleanor has created a ‘ghost sign’ for Phoenix Ironworks - the foundry that was in existence in Brimscombe in the 1800’s... read more

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