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About Us

Studio 18 is a fresh and exciting gallery and studio space near Brimscombe Port in Stroud. Now in its fifth year, the team have put countless hours, as well as their own finances, into transforming the disused industrial building into a functioning gallery and creative studios. Our main aim is to create a place where anyone can get involved in the arts and can find other like-minded people for collaboration, support and mentorship.


Our Story

Studio 18 has hosted many successful exhibitions and events, including the  ‘Open Exhibition’ and the ‘25 and Under show’ in 2019. See more Exhibitions and projects here. As part of the Open Exhibition we put an open call out to anyone, including groups such as the Nelson Trust, to submit work. Studio 18 exhibited over 130 works by nearly 50 artists, the majority local to the Stroud area. The 25 and Under show offered artists just starting out in their careers a chance to show their work in a professional setting and to be involved in the whole process including curation, installation and event organisation. This has already led to further opportunities for several of our young artists, including other exhibitions and a spin-off group who are working on projects involving the regeneration of outdoor urban spaces. Studio 18 completed the Art Shelter Project with Brimscombe and Thrupp Parish Council this summer, to revive, through art installations, the bus stops along the A419 in conjunction with local artists and schools, with the intent to build a sense of community in Brimscombe and Thrupp Parish. The project was received with great success gaining national press coverage and more importantly the overwhelming gratitude of local community.



Studio 18 provides a space for various disciplines including music, applied arts and visual arts at various stages of career. Primarily set up for production but the space also has the ability to invite a wider community to exhibit and showcase. It's the aim to set up a natural mentoring group with established artists and younger creative’s. 

  • Younger creative’s are offered open spaces at reduced rates supplemented by standard rental rates for enclosed studio spaces for established professional creative’s. 

  • Revenue and opportunities are also achieved through art sales with an ethical approach to put the majority of proceeds into the artists hands, Studios taking 20%, and where ever possible funds are placed to support studio and community project development.  

  • Through community arts development and industry-based projects, the studios are able to create further opportunities for the local creative community. 

  • Projects are managed by Artist and Studio 18 Founder and Director Zachary Walsh on the whole but an established network of community leaders are in place for direction and advice, further supported by industry based professionals in order to create a strong and viable support structure. 

  • At the moment Studio 18 receives this support for free and on a real drive for the betterment of community and the role arts have to play in the general approach to the welfare of our community.



Great things are on the horizon as Studio 18 have recently secured funding from County Gloucestershire’s ‘Growing your communities’ to instate a film editing suit with screening facilities, mainly aimed at young budding film makers to provide opportunities in the industry.



If you know anyone who would be interested in supporting Studio 18 or getting involved with us, please don’t hesitate to spread the word!


Kindest regards

The Studio 18 team

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